Wallasea Island


We don’t mind admitting that Essex Marina was our third choice for Pintail’s first home but are equally unabashed in admitting that we were completely  wrong.

Hidden at the end of a long and windy road from Rochford with only a timber yard and RSPB reserve as neighbours, we found the friendliest and most photogenic place to spend getting to know Pintail and the Thames Estuary.

And it’s not just birds we found.

We took our families for the walk along the seawall and through the fields.

And never tired of the Island’s changing lights.

In the new tender we crossed the river and got to know Burnham on Crouch and its inhabitants, even introducing our friends Neil and Nic to the town they then made their home.

We waved many times to Jon and Bill who run the Burnham Ferry and made friends with some brilliant characters, like Bob who bought our car from us the day we left.

We spent probably more time than we should have in the bar, latterly with the wonderful Sarah and Alan at Essex Marina Yacht Club.

If you are ever in the area Alan’s Sunday lunches are worth a drive through those windy lanes and if you find yourself on the other side of the river, get Jon or Bill to take you there.

But saying goodbye to marina legends Sam and Andy was the hardest – they helped us so much and taught us more in our two years than we could ever repay them in beer and coffee. We tried to persuade them both to come with us but we’ll see you in Cala D’Or next year, boys!


The sun has set on our Wallasea adventures

but there ain’t no sunset like a Wallasea sunset.