Up and down the Crouch

In between all the jobs to get Pintail ready for her big trip we spent plenty of time sailing up and down the Crouch, getting to know her, introducing her to friends and practising our sailing and navigation skills.

 There was a trip across the Estuary to Brightlingsea in July 2014 where we hit the bottom going in and got pinned on a pontoon coming out requiring an escort out by the harbour master! (We haven’t dared go back.)

We celebrated my Mum’s 70th birthday on board in July 2014.

We had an icy New Year sail up the river in January 2015 and it was really, really cold!

Phil and Warren came to visit in August 2015. Phil did his best modeling pose and we explored the River Roach in the tender.

 We took a succession of visitors in search of seals in Pintail and in Baby Pintail.

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