After a first very short stopover on our delivery trip, this slightly down at heel but slowly on the up Victorian seaside town fast became Pintail’s second home and one of our favourite places.

As our regular stop before crossing the channel we spent many happy days and nights exploring its shabby chic. We were glad to know its harbour so well when we had to enter it in thick fog in April 2015 and after an unintended 26 hour crossing from Dieppe in the very early hours in June 2015.


Overlooking the harbour, next to the Sailors’ Church, the Ramsgate Home for Smack Boys. We didn’t know either but google assures us that the smack boys were the young boys taken from the workhouse to work on the fishing boats. As far as we know they had no substance use issues!

Also overlooking the harbour in one of the old sail lofts, a brilliantly ecclectic junk shop. Where you can buy just about anything you could possibly need!

A short walk along the beach (not accessible at high tide), the beach huts and tea rooms of another Victorian seaside favourite – Broadstairs.


We did the walk a couple of times, along the beach there and back along the cliffs. The second time, from the cliff, we watched this very small dog dig this very big hole!

Lessons learned in Ramsgate:

#1 Don’t judge a book by its cover

#2 That north cardinal in the entrance channel is a lot tougher than it looks

#3 Make sure your ensign is secure or you will spend hours chasing it around the marina before fishing it out

A couple of local recommendations from us if you find yourself in Ramsgate:

Unassuming but incredible Indian food at Flavours by Kumar

Far too tempting cider at The Hovelling Boat Inn