Farewell to the Sissies

30 August 2018

By now we are getting used to the intense yet fleeting nature of friendships in this strange new life of ours but that hasn’t made it any easier and so, after a brilliant month in their company in Montenegro, time came for us to say goodbye to the Sissies (1), aka the Rackettes, aka Anna and Michael. They had plans to cross to Italy to meet friends flying in from Australia and come 30 August the forecast was looking perfect for the night crossing to Bari.

Not ready to say a final farewell in Kotor (or perhaps to make sure they actually left!), after one last meal out together and after they had visited customs and immigration to check out, we followed Red Rackham out of the Bay of Kotor. It had been the perfect setting for our adventures together and just wasn’t going to be the same without them.

We were only going as far as Tivat so had to wave our final goodbyes and watch them disappear into the distance.

Thank you, Anna and Michael, for being such wonderful companions on our Montenegrin adventures.

Thank you too for being willing Rummikub opponents, for our favourite new lunch recipe and key ingredients and for the medical diagnoses and (woefully ignored) advice!

Cheers for all the fun. We miss you.

How’s the…



(1) very early on in our time together an unfortunate autocorrect of the word Aussies on Stefan’s phone led to a new collective nickname for Anna and Michael – the Sissies

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